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NY Wing Chun is a private training club that practices Wing Chun as taught by Ip Man movie fight choreographer Leo Au Yeung (www.chinesekungfu.co.uk).

Wing Chun is a martial art of Chinese origin, famous for its straight punches, low kicks and its sticking hands training technique.

At NY Wing Chun we believe that there is no such thing as the best martial art. We also believe that the individual makes the style. We have no belts, no rankings, no uniforms. Just students eager to learn and improve their Wing Chun skills via hard and committed training.


Nicholas Gregory, instructor and one of the senior members of NY Wing Chun, is the first student to complete Wing Chun training under Leo Au Yeung and has been authorized to teach the system by Leo in New York.

In addition to Master Yeung’s training, Nicholas’s approach to martial arts is greatly influenced by his experiences training in kung fu in Shaolin, Tai Chi in Guilin, and Muay Thai kickboxing in Thailand. While training abroad, he learned the great emphasis traditional training methods place on strength and conditioning, practicing up to 8 hours a day in the case of Shaolin, which gives students the skills and physical stamina to master the movements of these complex martial arts.

Adapting that approach to the urban practice of Wing Chun, Nicholas merges natural movements, calisthenics, body weight training, and elements of traditional Qi Gong into a system that offers training not just for the ring or the streets, but training for life.

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Training Location/Time: Champion Studios in NYC, Mondays 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Youtube:  NY Wing Chun | Leo Au Yeung

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